Apply to be a
Sponsored Hooper

Calling all spinspirational hoopstars: Hiptronic Arts is looking for new sponsored hoopers to join our crew! Deadline to submit has been extended to Sunday, May 21st.

Do you get down with our vibe? Here's how to apply:

- Follow us on social media:
- Share a post on your favorite social networks declaring your intent to apply,and properly @tag us. We'll follow you back! Feel free to download and use the photo above. 
- Film a tutorial and title it as such: "Hoop Tutorial: X Move w/ Y Hooper, Hiptronic Arts Sponsorship Search!" You are welcome to post it on the platform of your choice, Facebook and/or Youtube. We recommend both! Submit the link in the questionarre form below...
- Fill out this questionairre: http://bit.ly/2oe0VSs

Why are we asking you to make a tutorial? #TutorialTuesday is a cornerstone of our brand. It is an offering we make to the online hoop community which greatly sustains, supports, and encourages our growth. As a sponsored hooper, it will be part of your duty to help us spread and share circular knowledge. When we flow together, we grow together! Feel free to select the move of your choice, but please check the archives on our youtube channel to make sure you aren't repeating anything.

Tips on Filming a Good Tutorial
- Get dressed up.
- Choose a scenic location with good lighting.
- Make sure there isn't too much wind that will blow into the mic and distort the sound. 
- Begin the tutorial by demonstrating your trick. 
- Write a script ahead of time.
- Speak slowly, clearly, and project. 
- Avoid saying, "Okay" "So" and "Um."
- Show your move from multiple angles.
- Show close ups of tricky things like grip changes.
- Give us a slow-mo so we can really see what's happening.
- Share some transitions, combos, and or variations. 
- Keep it short and sweet. 2-5minutes, the internet has a short attention span.

Sponsored Hoopstar Perks:
- Features on our social media sites!
- Two free hoops of your choice just for joining our team!
- Another free hoop of your choice every four months!
- 25% off in our shop! 

Thank you for your interest! Good Luck! We look forward to reading all of your applications and learning from your tutorials!